About Us

Who We Are

India Motorbike Tour® was founded in 2016 with a lot of love by adventure enthusiastic travelers. As a direct organizer, we’re your one-stop solution for advice, booking, tour management and local services. We offer various motorcycle, SUV, trekking and cycling tours across India including neighboring country Bhutan.

These unique tours combine the pleasure nature getaways with discovery of offbeat destinations and the human adventure you seek. India Motorbike Tour is your trusted adventure partner, including well trained and experienced team with knowledge of history and geography. Riders who have a spirit of intense passion to ride the “Royal Enfield” have just landed in the right place.

Since the beginning our core values & vision have remained same, to provide the cheerful memories. Let’s collaborate with your interest and our expertise to take a break from the mundane life and venture into solitude of nature with high class customer service.

THE NEW AGE OF exploration!

Why Choose Us?

Discovery is in the DNA of India Motorbike Tour and we believe that travel is the key to discover the hidden treasures of our planet. We are an instrument to your exhilaration, for the feeling you get when you see something wild and unexpected, or rare and beautiful.

We see ourselves not only as a travel company, but also as your travel companion. Our team will do whatever it takes to ensure you many unforgettable experiences.